Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Karma? Really???

I have grown up in kind of a joint family. A family which is in a way nuclear, yet always together be it any occasions or festivals. A home where sometimes we had no room to sleep in due to so many relatives staying overnight still enjoying sleeping in living room with bunch of cousins playing cards or ‘Antakshari’ till late night. In short I can say that my upbringing has been done in such a family where you grow up seeing, observing and watching only nice people and nice things around, with lots of love, care and respect for each other.

In this kind of family I have always been told since my childhood that there is something like ‘Karma’ or ‘God’ there is something which keeps you wonder before doing anything wrong. There is an unknown fear, a fear that will stop you from doing something wrong. Wrong, in a way which would hurt anyone or their emotions? But after observing things around all these years, it makes me wonder if there is something really called like Karma? If there is a count somewhere of all our good deeds and bad deeds, a count of all our sins and virtues? If there is actually a God to shower his blessings on all the good people and a Devil watching the sinner?

Something raises such question in my mind. When I see my beloved ones being hurt, when I see someone walking in their life like walking in a garden, plucking some flowers ( i.e. Emotions? ) and simply walking out. Like walking out from a park where nobody cares what you have done and where it would make no change, and apparently these are actually my loved ones who have always been nice and kind with everyone around. Who actually taught me in life that if someone is bad with you doesn’t mean that you have to be bad with them too. Just let it go… When I see such people in pain, it keeps me wondering for the accountability of karma and its existence? And if there is something really like that then why are they hurt? Why do they have to suffer? I have no patience to relax and watch the one suffers that has hurt them all I want is not to see my loved ones ever sad or cry.

I know there will be someone to say that life teaches you lessons by hurting you and blah blah blah.. but why them? Why those who have made 1000s of peoples’ lives beautiful, the ones who have taught the meaning of life to so many people. Who have actually not given me birth but the life for sure, without whom I wouldn’t probably even have been alive, forget about being happy or whatever. Today they are at a stage in life when they want someone to count upon, leave all their worries and just rest… however it’s still not happening, just not happening at all ! And why is that? Where is the rule of karma now? Where is the logic of ‘Be nice and be good in order to receive good’ where is the one who says that ‘ those who are nice with others will always face nice things in life’ ? I doubt it, I so doubt it now. Seeing the one enjoying their life who has actually given them pain.

All these years I have seen ‘N’ number of examples of people who have hurt you and still enjoying their lives full of happiness, they have even forgot what they did to you and how much they have hurt you. All I have seen is you to suffer and them to pleasure. Still you didn’t stop to be nice with people but for how long? For how long you will keep on giving right to people to hurt you, to play with your emotions, to come close to you, feel attached, hurt you really bad and then just walk out? This isn’t acceptable. I don’t want to set such example for others that doesn’t matter how much you will hurt me, you will still be served nicely not because you deserve it but because we are like that. We can’t be bad with those whom we consider our own in life, doesn’t matter if they mock us or give no sh*#t to our emotions and sentiments.

This is not done, absolutely not done! This would keep me wondering that is it really worth being nice to everyone throughout your life if towards 2/3rd of your life the only thing you get in return is lots of tensions, worries (not to forget, leading to health issues as well) and yet facing it all with a smiling face due to social stigma ? and if it’s not right then ‘WELCOME TO THE KARMA CAFÉ. THERE ARE NO MENUS. YOU WILL GET SERVED WHAT YOU DESERVE.’

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let me fly..!

Let me fly!

We often hear and read about the news regarding rape and sexual assault incidents. We read it, talk about it and forget it. At the most if we want to ‘feel’ like we have contributed something to the society we go for a candle march. Rather than putting a single effort to change any single person around us, we believe that by lighting up one candle, we are done with our duty. By saying to change any single person around us, I don’t mean it at all that people around us are all rapist or have an unusual mentality. My only concern is about their mentality which makes the rape incident even worse. The discussion doesn’t seem to be a topic of concern but its more like just a new topic to pass comment on and as soon as something else comes up, IPL, elections or even celebrity wedding the so called ‘Important issue’ is vanished!

I know someone will say that but we cant cry on the spilt milk all our life. Agreed..! But before saying so, think about it that did you even try to clean that spilt milk? Did you put any extra effort to make sure that it doesn’t happen again? NO ! I know its very difficult to change everyone and their mentality. There are many societal issues related to it which are considered to be reasons behind it, female feticide, poverty, the ratio of number of men against women in the world and so on.. but I wouldn’t consider them the main reason behind it. We have come across cases in which the father raped his own daughter (Female feticide?), sexual assault at work place in a multinational company (Poverty?), rapes happening from ages (Even from ancient times..) The reason could be anything, the situation can be whatever but the most important thing is the mentality. The cruel mentality of a man, considering him as a ‘Man’ by doing things the way he likes and the way he wants. The mentality of people around him who made him feel since the childhood that he is the man and shouldn’t cry, he shouldn’t feel bad about such smalls incidents happening around him, he souldn’t get emotional after watching a touchy video/movie. Aren’t we making them insensitive, insensitive not only about the society or the environment around them but even about themselves as a human being.

My pen would come to the same topic, that regretting and cursing after something has happened isn’t going to change anything. If you really want to change anything then change the mentality of people around you, change the mentality of your child, your brother, your friend, your father, your uncle and everyone who believes that it’s a societal shame to be rape victim. The accused gets bailed in a couple of months/years and moves on to a normal life, but the victim would always be a victim. A victim of rape and its aftereffects.

Only by changing the mentality of people around us and their attitude towards rape we can bring the true change in the society. That’s the only way to do justice those thousands of women around us who have gone though such incident in their life and to prevent many from that. Don’t blame the society, don’t make the parents scared, don’t stop girls from further education or overseas opportunity, Let them fly! - Ishita Vyas

Monday, February 22, 2010

Duaa ! – A Poem for my Mom, Dad and my Jagrut Uncle

(In this poem I am praying to God for them so the listener is God)

Main Ek Nanhi Pari, Ek Nanhi Tamanna Chahti Hun,
Aaj Mere Maa-Baba Ke Liye Tumse Kuch Duaa Main Mangti Hun.
Maa Ki Jholi Me Jahan Ki Sari Khushiyan Bhar Dena Chahti Hun,
Aur Papa Ka Sar Fakr Se Uncha Ho Jagan Me Aisi Jagah Mangti Hun.
Maa Ki Aankho Me Kabhi Jiwanbhar Ek Aansu Bhi Na Chahti Hun,
Aur Papa Ke Hothon Pe Har Dum Ek Pyari Si Muskaan Main Mangti Hun.
Mujhse Bhi Zyada Jiye Wen, Main Jiwan Bhar Unka Saath Chahti Hun,
Unki Har Duaa Puri Ho, Jiwan Me Tumse Ye Ek Duaa Main Mangti Hun !

7th February, 2005
Ishita Vyas

Friday, April 3, 2009



What a beautiful design and
What a wonderful structure.
This is probably the house,
Which everyone has dreamed for?

Look at the bird,
Having a wonderful treat.
This is really amazing,
We have never seen such feast.

Soft cushion and silk mattresses,
What else is needed for a peaceful sleep?
Hats off to the master really…
The bird must be so much pleased.

What’s this? The bird is not sleeping?
Neither smiling nor eating?
But. ..Isn’t this ‘Probably’ the house,
Which everyone has dreamed for?

2nd April, 2009
Ishita Vyas

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Jab Papa Se Har Roz Main Jhagadti Hun,
Aur Didi Ki Baton Pe Ruth K Akadti Hun.
Tab Kabhi Man Me Mere Ek Khayal Aata Hai,
Ki Kya Mera Parivaar Is Tarah Se Pyaar Jatata Hai?
Maine Bhi Mere Gharwalon Ko Kitne Dukh Diye Hai,
Kya Maine Kabhi Gina K Badle Me Kitne Sukh Liye Hai?
Tab Kabhi Maan Me Mere Ek Khayal Aata He,
K Kahun Ye Parivaar Mere Liye Kya Ehmiyat Jatata Hai.
Jab Chacha Ki Yad Aate Hi Main Kayi Bar Ro Deti Hun,
Didi Aur Mummy Ko Gale Lagane Main Jab-Jab Bhi Tadapti Hun.
Tab Kabhi Man Me Mere Ek Khayal Aata He,
K Jahan Me Sabse Pyaara Mujhe Mera Parivaar Hi Nazar aata Hai..

20th September, 2005
Ishita Vyas

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dedicated to Mummy, Papa and Jagrutkaka

Dedicated to my Mom, Dad and Jagrutkaka


Main Ek ‘Nanhi’ Pari Ek ‘Nanhi’ Tamanna Chahti Hun,
Aaj Mere Maa-Baba K Liye Tumse Kuch Dua Main Mangti Hun.
Maa Ki Jholi Me Main Jahan Ki Sari Khushiyan Bhar Dena Chahti Hun,
Papa Ka Sar Fakra Se Uncha Ho Jahan Me Aisi Jagah Mangti Hun.
Maa Ki Aankho Me Main Jiwanbhar Kabhi Ek Aansu Bhi Na Chahti Hun,
Papa Ke Hothon Pe Hardum Main Pyari Si Muskaan Mangti Hun.
Mujhse Bhi Zyada Jiye Ven, Main Jiwanbhar Unka Sath Chahti Hun,
Unki Har Dua Poori Ho Jiwan Me Tumse Yah Ek Dua Main Mangti Hun...

7th Feb, 2005
Ishita Vyas